The World of Samsung and iPhone: Troubleshooting issues

A mobile phone today is considered as a necessity as this is the only gadget that keeps people connected throughout the world. Anything that you need is easily available with the click of a button and that too in a matter of seconds. Brands such as the Apple and Samsung are quite a rage among the young and old because of the IOS and Android technology respectively. Due to easy accessibility and usage, the wear and tear of both the devices is of utmost importance. Fixing both the handsets isn’t an impossible task and can be done by saving time and money. Hardware issues are the most common problems in an iPhone, and hence, one can always go for the iPhone repairs that the stores provide or even do the same yourself.

iphone repairs

Repair of Samsung handsets

A Samsung handset uses the Android technology and rebooting or resetting this phone can fix many problems most of the times as compared to iPhone repairs. One always has the option of walking into any Samsung store for repairs as there are many such stores in a huge city like Sydney. Before resetting a Samsung mobile phone, it is good to have a backup of all files such as contact lists, photos, documents, etc. as data can be lost in the process.

The mobile phone can then be switched off, and the repair can begin by SIM card resetting. The SIM card can be removed, and then one can reboot the mobile phone. Another step which a person can do it all by himself is the custom reboot with the help of a password. This can be availed by calling up any of the Samsung stores. In case a person is unable to do it himself then the stores which offer services of Samsung phone repairs Sydney wide have technicians who can help you with all the support and guidance required.Samsung mobile phone repairs such as locked mobile phone, cannot send SMS, slow booting, forgotten secret code can be done by resetting the phone and following simple procedures, which are available on the Samsung website or even guides.

Repair of an iPhone handset

When it comes to iPhone repairs, the most common issue faced is the smashed screen. One needs to also realize that not every iPhone gets physically damaged. There are times when the home buttons, power buttons, switches and batteries fail the moment they are out of warranty. Reliable suppliers within the industry can also provide details on replacement parts,fix phone guides and high quality tools. With right parts from these sources, one can repair an iPhone screen in under ten minutes. If the handset requires repairing a dock connector or fixing an unresponsive Home button, one can also turn to the Imore website for guidance and help.

Both Samsung and iPhone OZ Phone Repairs have great DIY guides as well as customer service booths that can fix any kind of issues, thus saving time as well as money. In the recent past, a lot of customers have been thoroughly satisfied with repair services provided by these help desks and have recommended them through the word of mouth. They are prompt, professional and polite and always ready to assist customers with handset repair issues.