Quality Turntables Of Best Brands For Audiophiles

Turntables are delicate devices and can go bad in many ways, which might not be obvious immediately. Therefore, turntables demand high quality. Turntables are available in their modern forms from quite some time and are available in various features under different prices. One can buy turntables online or from the physical stores. But one should buy turntables online after carefully analyzing requirements. The assessment demands knowledge of various parts of turntable. Therefore, let’s see the various parts:

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The Plinth – It is the base of the record player.

The Platter – It is the rotating component upon which the record rests. The platter is moved by motor at various revolutions per minute.

The Tone-arm – It’s the part that swings over the record and also allows contact to be made with the vinyl as it spins. There are various ton-arm designs available. DJs use shorter, straight tone-arm but casual users should avoid this as it can damage the record.

The Motor- It can be either of belt drive or direct drive design. Both the designs have their own specialties.

The Cartridge – It supports the needle also called stylus. It creates an electric signal in response to the movement of the stylus on the record. Cartridges come in Moving magnet and Moving coil designs.

Now, the few important points mentioned below should be considered in order to buy turntables online or from stores:

Manual or automatic turntables: Manual turntables work with the process of “cueing” which means that the tone-arm is lifted and placed on the spinning record manually. These turntables are used by music enthusiasts. Automatic turntables, on the other hand, changes records by a simple push of a button. The tone-arm rises from rest, shifts to side, plays record and then returns to its initial state. These types are generally recommended for novice users.

Belt drive or direct drive: Audiophile community prefers the former. Shock is absorbed using the rubber belt which joins the motor and the platter and provides better sound quality. On direct drive turntables the platter can be rotated backwards by hand without causing any harm to the turntable and also causes interesting audio effects. These are generally preferred by Disk Jockeys (DJs).

Turntable speeds – There are three major speeds, 33 1/3, 45 and 78 Records per Minute (RPM). If a record is of 45 and the turntable supports 78 RPM then the record might get damaged. Most of the turntables today support multiple speeds but a check before finalizing is recommended.

Also decision to buy turntable online or through stores depends on whether it is required for playing just the vinyl records or it needs to be included in some other playable options as well.

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